Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Once you have perused our site and determined what items you’d like to rent for your event, please contact us to arrange details and check availability. A deposit of 35% of the total invoice amount is required to hold the reservation. The deposit can be made with cash, check, credit card, Paypal, or similar payment method. (The default method is via Square where we prepare the invoice and email or text it to you to be paid in two parts.) The balance is due before pickup/ delivery. If a final payment is made by check, it must be made at least 21 days prior to pickup/delivery.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Once we reserve your order, other orders are turned away to keep our commitment to you. If you cancel 180 days or more before your event, the non-refundable clause on the deposit can be waived. The 35% deposit is non-refundable for cancellations 180 days to 21 days before the event. You may reduce or increase (subject to availability) your order until 21 days before the event at which point the order is final and remaining balance is due.

What hours can I pick up my order?

We try to be flexible, just make arrangements with us in advance. Hours are by appointment only.

How do I know what size tablecloths I need?

First, find out from your venue what sizes and shapes of banquet tables they have and how many you will be using for your event. Consider if you need any additional sizes for cake or gift tables. Next, decide if you prefer the mid-length or floor-length style. Measurements for mid-length and floor-length tablecloths are on the tablecloth page, but feel free to contact us with additional questions!

How long is the rental time frame?

Our prices are for a 3 day rental. This would be an approximately 72 hour span, such as pickup or delivery on Friday at 10am, and the items returned by Monday at 10am. If you need the items for a different period of time, contact us for custom arrangements and pricing. If we are delivering and picking up the items, schedules will need to be coordinated with the event coordinator and venue as well.

Are the Tables and Chairs outdoor safe?

They aren’t meant to be left outside in all weather conditions for long periods of time, but a little rain doesn’t harm them! Dry them off and party on!

Do I need to launder the linens before returning them?

No, laundry is included in the rental fee. Shake out the linens to clear them of food debris and trash, and place them in the laundry bags which accompanied your order. If a tablecloth or napkin is stained, please put it in a separate bag or at top if you have only one laundry bag, so we can treat it right away.

What if an item is destroyed or lost?

Usual small marks or stains are generally treatable and don’t incur an additional charge. Linens that are destroyed beyond repair (rips, massive stains) would incur a repair/replacement fee (whichever costs less) If an item has been lost, a replacement fee will apply.

Can you deliver my order to the event location?

Depending on calendar availability, how many events are happening on the same weekend, and location logistics, we’ll see what we can do to help! Delivery charges start at $25 for the immediate Mansfield, Ohio area, and increase (due to fuel) for surrounding areas. Delivery includes dropping them in a spot accessible by vehicle. You would be responsible to move them to other locations on site unless arrangements for setup are made in advance.

Can you set up tables and chairs at my event location?

Depending on calendar availability, how many events are happening on the same weekend, and location logistics, we’ll see what we can do to help! Let us know at time of reservation if you are interested in this service and we can arrange the details.